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Our Values

We value each and every person as an individual. We are passionate about offering people the services and solutions they need, Our aim is Mental Health Wellbeing.


You are not alone

We want you to have a safe place to visit so you feel, and know, that you are not alone with the challenges you may face.

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Mental Health Wellbeing

We are a wellbeing cafe meaning we want to promote mental health and wellbeing support to people to help them achieve the outcomes they want for themselves with their Mental Health.


Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

The food we serve in our café is healthy and low cost, so you can feed your body in a way which supports a healthy mind Please see our menu

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We Support you

From the start of your visit with the friendly staff in the cafe to the groups you can take part all the way to the mental health services we offer, they are all designed to help give you the optimum support. 


You are an individual

Each person is a fingerprint to us, as in we see each person independent from the next and view each person's challenges in a unique way to them.

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Mental Health Self Management

The services we provide are all aimed at helping you to manage your mental health and grow as an individual. Please see our Services for more information


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